Teacher Training

2017 Kiva Hot Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 

Last day to register: May 27
Phase 1 Intensive -June 9-18     
Phase 2 Intensive -July 21-28
Are you looking to deepen your practice? Become educated in the hot yoga philosophy and practice? Do you have a desire to extend your practice even further and become a teacher yourself? We will be offering a YTT certification here at the Kiva studio. No worries about getting a passport, leaving your family for a long period of time, or traveling across the country. The convenience of a local training will be right here in your community! 
Our weeklong Teacher Training immersions are condensed time-focused programs. The student commits to 7-9 full days of yoga training and yoga practicing.
200 hour weeklong trainings: Phase I and Phase II
Each week of training consists of 100 hours. Therefore, to complete our 200 hour training program, the student is to attend Phase I and Phase II. In order to attend Phase II, Phase I training must have been completed. Or are you a current yoga teacher looking to master your skills, or a yoga student seeking to delve deeper in your practice? Our weeklong trainings are a great opportunity to capture these goals.
 Our 200 hour Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance Registered Training!
This program makes up the first part of 200hour teacher training. Students will be introduced to the foundations of Hot Yoga, and be exposed to understanding the anatomy of yoga postures. Discussions on teaching methodology, yoga lifestyle and philosophy of the 26 postures will teach students about the depth and versatility of practicing and teaching Hot Yoga. This will include both the study of anatomy and physiology along with its application to yoga practice (benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc.) Students will be introduced to leading a class by receiving voice coaching, and learning sequencing basics. This 9 day session is an inward journey that brings the focus to the internal by recognizing where we hold back, and where we can break through. 
Prerequisite: Phase I


This program is the second part of 200 hour teacher training.  Students will immerse more deeply into teaching techniques, and apply practical anatomy methods into the classroom by understanding the differences within the body and how it relates to yoga. Philosophy will be discussed related to yoga texts, and how these philosophical understandings can translate into classroom yoga teaching. The sequence training will be completed with mastering how to teach an inspiring all-levels class. This phase offers the opportunity to take your leadership to the next level by embarking on a developmental journey with like-minded peers who recognize the need to elevate one self before one can elevate the world. This will allow you to embody and express yourself by teaching in your own unique and powerful way.
Payment options:
$2600 if paid in full by April 1


Installment plan: $2850 total
Deposit $250  due May 15th
Installment 1 $1300 due June 1
Installment 2 $1300 due July 1


The Kiva Yoga training manual will be given as soon as deposit has been received.  The sooner you can get this, the better!
Tuition does not include reading material.
Reading Material Required:
  • Ray Long - The Key Muscles of Yoga
  • Don Miguel Ruiz- The Four Agreements
  • Iyengar - Light of Life


Each phase we will start on Friday Evening and end the following Sunday afternoon.
Tentatively, the days will run from 8:30am to 9:30pm (this is an intensive) 
There will be scheduled breaks for meals and study time throughout the day


So why are excited about this training?  This is a local training where you only have to sacrifice 2 full weeks to qualify to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher. Since the training is so intensive, we are breaking it up into 2 weeks.  This way, you have time to digest the information in between the 2 phases.  Also, you only have to take off two separate weeks from your job/obligations.  Other hot yoga trainings are usually 4-9 weeks and cost $4,000-$12,000 in addition to travel and lodging.  We know that these trainings can be a huge time and financial challenge. 


What qualifies us to train you? Our faculty is highly trained and knowledgeable-
  •  Traci Smith- E-RYT is an experienced lead trainer and has led numerous yoga teacher trainings.  She is a long time practitioner of the 26 Hot postures and has rehabbed her own knee injury with the help of hot yoga (you can check out her testimonial on our testimonials page).  In addition to being an expereinced Lead Trainer for Yoga Alliance, she is a full time Physical Therapist.  Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is solid!  This, combined with her experience of working with clients healing from injuries and going through rehabilitation is an amazing resource.  As yoga teachers, you will discover that almost everyone who walks into your classes has physical challenges.  This will absolutley help get you prepared!
  • Kate Jenkins- RYT - Bikram Yoga Certified Teacher has been practicing Hot Yoga for over 9 years and teaching for 8.  After certification, she has attended 5 Bikram Yoga teacher trainings as a visiting teacher trainer and was approved by Bikram Choudhury to teach class for the entire training of over 400 trainees.  She has continually brought senior Bikram teachers to Kiva Hot yoga for workshops and seminars and is very active in the hot yoga wordwide community.  Kate also went through Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark in 2014.Her passion is to continue to learn and share the knowledge with her students.  She is happy to share her Faith with students and encourages students to be open to the spiritual benefits of yoga, no matter what your faith background.
  • Shawn Galin- E-RYT- PhD- is a renowned yoga teacher and also a professor of endocrinology at UAB.  He has a great knowledge of how yoga effects the endocrine system and how that makes yoga different than any other form of physical exercise.  He will also correlate the chakras and endocrine system for us.
  • Dr. Henry Townsend M.D.- is a Bikram Yoga Certified Teacher AND a rheumatologist.  He is an amazing resource for us to understand the effect of yoga on rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, and ligaments.
We would love to have you in this program and be part of your journey to become a Kiva Hot Yoga teacher!




YogaFit (Vinyasa) Level 1 Teacher Training

Saturday & Sunday, July 29th & 30th 8am- 6pm

The first step on the path toward becoming a yoga teacher or simply deepening your practice, Level One provides the tools to create inspiring vinyasa yoga classes grounded in proper alignment and the safety of exercise science. 

Note: In order to receive a Certificate of Completion for Level One, you must also complete eight hours of practice teaching as a community service, in which you bring the gift of yoga, free of charge, to individuals who would not normally be exposed to yoga on a regular basis.

What you will learn:
Forty-­six fundamental YogaFit poses needed to teach an inclusive, well rounded, and safe yoga class to students for all ages, fitness levels, and experience
The physical execution, transitions, and modifications for each pose to ensure that it is safe and effective for every body type
To create dynamic vinyasa sequencing and flowing class formats based on YogaFit’s three-­mountain class structure
To use transformative language to communicate how each pose connects the mind and the body
To teach what you’ve learned within a nurturing and supportive classroom setting