Kiva Community Open House

January 5th & 6th

We are making all classes donation based this weekend!  All donations benefit Neverthirst, a local non- profit that brings clean water access to India, Nepal, Chad, Sudan, Cambodia and Myamar.  Donate $1 or $100.  We want to you and everyone you know to experience Kiva and, at the same time, help make a difference around the world.


40 Day Yoga Revolution Challenge

January 21- March 1

We will give you a detailed roadmap to achieve what you've never achieved before!  We will combine vision & goal setting, a structured nutrition plan and a consistent yoga/ pilates pratice.  The cost is only $25.  This includes an accountability coach, nutrition workshop, yoga posture clinic and vision/ goal setting experience.  You must attend a minimum of 3 classes a week, turn in a food journal each week and weigh in each week. More details to come!


Jimmy Barkan Workshop

April 5th -6th

The man, the legend, will be here in the flesh! Jimmy Barkan is a Master Yoga Teacher certified by Ghosh’s College of India, Calcutta, India in 1981.   One of the pioneers of Hot Yoga in the United States, Jimmy practiced daily under the guidance of Bikram Choudhury as his most Senior Teacher, an accomplishment very few have since obtained.

Jimmy’s first yoga studio, Yoga College Of India, opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida  January 20, 1983.  Jimmy has worked with of our country’s top professional athletes throughout the years including members of the NFL, NBA, NHL, The 1997 World Series Champions Florida Marlins and PGA Tour players.

Since 1986, Jimmy has certified over 1500 Bikram and Barkan Method Teachers.

Rebranded in 2002 as The Barkan Method of Hot Yoga, Jimmy’s Level I Barkan Method Teacher Training programs are based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and held all over the world.  In recent years Barkan has trained students in Japan, Iceland, Hungary, Australia, to name a few.   Barkan also offers Level II, and III Teacher Training programs throughout the year in Fort Lauderdale and Costa Rica and Australia.


Costa Rica Intensive with Jimmy Barkan

May 18-25

Join Jimmy and his senior staff for a magical yoga vacation! Open to everyone. Many come on their own, with a spouse, family and friends. All Yoga classes and evening sessions are available to those on retreat and optional. Enjoy delicious meals prepared by chefs using the most fresh and healthy ingredients. Indulge in exotic spa treatments. Spend time reading & meditating by the pool. Relax with the nature of Pura Vida. Explore and reconnect with yourself & others. Details here


Indigenous Journey with Kate

June 12-16

It's been Kate's dream to lead an excursion to her Native Homeland of New Mexico.  We will be based in Santa Fe, NM.  Each day, there will be Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga Santa Fe) or Nia (Studio Nia Santa Fe).  The physical practice will simply begin our day.  We will experience Jnana yoga- which is simply the act of expanding our knowledge.  We will be staying in the center of Santa Fe and the famous Santa Fe Plaza will be a short walk away to explore, musuem, eat and shop.  Daily excursions will include Tent Rocks (Cochiti Pueblo- Kate's village), Bandelier (ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings) and traditional sacred dances at Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, where Kate's family will be dancing on June 13.  You will learn, first hand, the tradition and beliefs of the Pueblo people from Kate, herself.  Space is limited to 6.  Friends and family are welcome.  Every activity is optional- i.e. your husband who has no desire to do yoga, does not have to do yoga. Price is approximately $1200 per person (Santa Fe is VERY pricey, yet SO amazing).  This includes luxury accomodations, daily breakfast, admission to excursions, airport transfers and transportation.  Airfare is purchased by you (fare usually between $350- $450) Everyone needs to arrive within a specific window.  Please consult before booking.

You will gain beautiful knowledge and understand why they call New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment".


Annual Retreat in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

September 1-7

Casa Om is like our second home!  Join us for our 5th annual retreat to Mexico!